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How Movers Get Scammed – Customer Scams Mover

     Moving Scams can go both ways, here you will learn about our most recent Moving Scams customer.  We all Know Moving your home is no simple chore. Proper planning with lots of grueling tasks to handle.  Bring on the extra burden of packing, boxing and transporting and this easily raises stress levels. Now trying to do this all on a budget is another problem most people hope for.Hiring a moving company is a privilege.  Money can be a issue when moving,   having  the financial resources for the added expense can be hard for some . 888-MOVESTUFF  services every move  while working with many different budgets and limitations. We do our best to provide our customers with proper estimates based on volume and logistics of there move. Move local moving jobs are done by hourly charges.

Local Moving Estimate Nightmare – Moving Company Scams Happen

     Recently Van With A Man received an estimate Request from someone we will call Laura for now.  The moving coordinator went over all the details, inventory and logistics prior to the moving date.  Jeff the moving coordinator, inputed all the data into our mobing company software.  Laura explains she only had a 1 bedroom apartment and a 10×20 Storage unit that was not fully loaded. Next she   Jeff the salesman after gathering all his info and data quickly went into action preparing an estimate based on Laura’s requirements.

When  Moving Customers  Make Demands -Mover Scams 

      The rate was set and Jeff went over the quote with Laura. 6 hours 3 men service. Laura said that she doesn’t want to pay for 3 men how much is 2 men. Now we gave her a 2 man rate for 8 hours and that was still not what she wanted. She requested 2 men for a 3-hour mini move. During this time she agrees to pay additional charges if they accumulated. Because Laura said she would move all the small items her self to the new place. She claimed she was moving to a ground floor apartment.  The rate is set just like she asked at this time.

Ready For Some Moving Action – Moving Scam Alert

  Here we are, Moving day, the truck arrives at Public Storage. The crew emerges from there gigantic oversized moving truck.  Jerry the foreman on the job and he is working with his life long friend and roommate.  These two crew members love their job and enjoy what they do. Goofing around while working making the day go by quick is there specialty. Loading, Wrapping and Joking around makes the moving day seem to pass by more quickly. They had no idea they were in for a day of moving scams.

When Time is Money – Customer Scams Nj Moving Company

   Nj moving Company gets scammed. The clock is ticking and these guys are hustling to get the job done in as little hours as possible. They loaded the storage unit in an hour.  There was a 19-minute ride by car from one location to the next. Here’s where the movie gets really interesting. Now two and a half hour into the move goes by.  The phone rings guess who? Hello Laura.  How can we help you ? “Because the movers still have not arrived at tmy apartment would like a discount.”

 The Moving Scams Begin – NJ MOVING SCAMS

We are on the phone with her telling us she brought all the little items down to the curb. She did this as she was waiting for the movers to arrive. Now the lies begin to surface for the  Moving Scams.  Wait! Did you bring stuff from downstairs?  Laura ! We were told everything was on the ground floor! meaning no stairs. Ok, no big deal as this is an a hourly move, we dont charge extra for the stairs themselves just the added time to walk up and down.

Red Flag Rising – Local Moving Scammer

With the conversation continuing, Laura exclaims she will not be paying for the time the movers took going from one location to the next once again. So at this very  moment, I quickly check my GPS tracking system on my computer.  Amazingly I find out that my guys were at her house and working. While on the way, the  Van With A Man Moving Crew did stop. Everyone deserves 5 minutes for a drink and bathroom break.With great efforts, they still promptly arrived at the second location in just 23 minutes. Because I was just told from the customer that my guys still have not arrived this is already 3 Red Flags. We showed Laura a copy of our GPS logs and told her she must be mistaking.  Our awesome moving crew finished loading and proceeded to the final destination.

Dead broke and Penniless – Moving Company Protected From Scams

Now the movers are on there a way to the final destination. Laura is running out of tricks to save money.  Halfway through the unload she goes on to tell my driver she is only paying for the hours. Laura announces that she only has a Certified check for the initial three-hour service. Therefore Laura at this time was claiming to be totally penniless after her three hours of moving services.

Collateral Insurance – Sayreville Nj Customer Scams Mover

  As a moving company owner, we never like to be put in this kind of position. However, sometimes you just have to take precautionary measures against moving scams when they arise. I don’t like to encourage any form of a hostage situation. Because I was threatened to not be paid in full for the move from the customer. The moving crew was instructed to hold back 10 minutes worth of high-value items to be delivered upon payment. Moving trucks are not supposed to be unloaded until all charges are paid in full.

Still No Money In Those Pockets – Manalapan Nj Mover

The driver approached Laura to collect the final payment of the move.  Her final charges for her extra 3- hours of moving services were only $375.  This is more than she anticipated and said she has no more money to pay the bill.

Violence Erupts – New Jersey Police Help Mover Scam

Laura and her girlfriend start pulling on the moving truck doors and banging on our beautifully Custom Wrapped Moving Truck Box. Violently grabbing anything they can off the back of the truck as the movers closed the doors for nonpayment.

Here Come the Police – Moving Company Gets Scammed

I made the call to the New Jersey Township Police Department. The cops arrived and the customer panicked. Quickly my phone was ringing again how can we call the cops on them. Unbelievable they exclaimed this is so embarrassing. Don’t Scam The Mover

Police Negotiation – Local Mover Scammer NJ

The Police officer on the scene understood that the moving company is now a victim. To the rescue, the New Jersey police officer negotiated between myself the owner Tommy Mover and Laura the customer. His great efforts encouraged Laura to hit the bank and pay her agreed up discounted rate. In the end, we still lost $125 on this customer.

Bad Reviews Moving Scam – Moving Company Scams On Movers

Normally you hear a story on how the movers are scammers. It’s not common for people to hear stories like this from the moving company.  There are many scam customers out there.  Being a moving company owner can really open your eyes to how devious people can be. We are very thankfull to the local police department for there participation during this moving scam. Therefore always rememeber next time your moving,  Licensed movers have state and federal moving laws to protect moving companies against consumer fraud.  Van With a Man 888-MOVE STUFF will never put a customer though a moving scam. Book your move today! $100 OFF MOVING SIGN UP HERE

Tip For Moving Companies – Don’t ;et Customers Scam You


Moving is hard enough, but it’s even more stressful when your customer is trying to scam you.

Here are the most common moving scams: Why Scam the Movers? 

Fake insurance claims. This one is easy to spot because you don’t have any insurance with your moving company. If they say they want to file an insurance claim and get some money back from their old place, then they are lying. We’re not going to fall for it!

Withholding money. Sometimes people will withhold money from movers as a way of getting revenge or getting more service out of them than they deserve. We encourage customers not to do this.

Threatening bad reviews. You wouldn’t believe how many angry people threaten us with bad reviews if we don’t give them special treatment

We know, moving is stressful. We get it – Don’t Scam Your Mover

But we want to make sure that you know about some of the scams that customers have tried to pull on us in the past. Some of these are pretty standard for moving companies, but others are a little more unique. Let’s start with the run-of-the-mill stuff: fake insurance claims, withholding money from our company, and threatening bad reviews as retaliation for not giving them exactly what they want. These are all things that we see pretty frequently, and most movers have dealt with at least one or two of these situations.

Moving Company Gets Scammed – Scam The Mover NJ

The one that we’re seeing more and more often lately is when customers claim damage to their property and try to get us to cover it—even though there was no way for us to have caused any damage during the move. This can be especially frustrating because we try really hard not to damage anything. But especially if you’re working with a third party mover (like us!), it’s important to remember that they aren’t responsible for your belongings once they leave our truck—even if something happens after they leave your home!

Do Not Try And Scam The Mover – Moving Scams In New Jersey 

So when someone tries this moving company scam on us? We’ll take pictures of everything before we load it up and after The moving industry has seen a lot of change in recent years. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that people are always looking for ways to scam movers and get out of paying for their services.

Here are just a few of the most common ways customers try to trick movers:

-Fake insurance claims for moving scams

-Withholding money until the end of the job, then claiming there’s been damage to their property

-Threatening bad reviews if they don’t get freebies or discounts

So what can you do if your customer tries any of these MovingScams? If you’re unsure whether they’re legitimate or not, just ask! They might be surprised by how willing you are to work with them—and they may even be happy to pay full price if they realize that it’s going toward ensuring that other customers won’t be scammed. Moving is stressful. You don’t want to worry about your stuff getting lost or damaged, much less having it stolen by a scam artist. But sometimes, even the best-intentioned movers have to deal with customers who try to take advantage of them.

Here are some of the most common moving scams we’ve seen:

Fake insurance claims

Threatening bad reviews and withholding money from movers

You get the idea! So what can you do as a mover to protect yourself?

Moving companies have to deal with a lot of headaches. Scam artists, unexpected charges, and general bad behavior are just some of the things that can come up during a move. But what happens when customers try to scam moving companies? It’s an unfortunate reality that some people will try to take advantage of honest businesses. Here are some common scams that moving companies face:

Fake insurance claims:

If something gets broken during your move, you might be tempted to file an insurance claim and pocket some cash—but don’t do it! A lot of moving companies work with insurance providers that can tell if there’s been foul play involved in a claim like this. The company will not only refuse to pay out but may also blacklist you from future business if your behavior is deemed fraudulent.

Withholding money: Moving Scammers Always Say They Will Not Pay

You have 24 hours from the time you make payment until it’s nonrefundable. After that time period has passed, it’s up to the mover to decide whether or not they’re going to refund your money if something goes wrong during the move process. Many movers will still try their best to help even after this point has passed but there are no guarantees that they’ll agree to return any funds you’ve already spent on their services. Moving is a stressful time. There are so many details to hammer out, so many people to coordinate with, and so much stuff to pack up and move across town or across the country.

Moving Companies Have Insurance – Why Try and Scam Your Mover 


It’s no wonder that some customers scam moving companies—and we’ve got some tips for how you can avoid becoming a victim of this kind of fraud. Moving is stressful. There’s a lot of moving parts, and there are a lot of people involved in getting your stuff from Point A to Point B. So, it’s no surprise that sometimes things go wrongOf course, when things go wrong, it’s rarely the moving company’s fault. It’s usually the customer who did something silly or stupid that led to the problem—like claiming insurance for damage caused by their own negligence, or withholding payment until they’re satisfied with their move.

Scamming Movers in New Jersey

It’s not surprising that customers try to scam movers—but what can a mover do? Well, you can’t stop all scams from happening… but you don’t have to make it easy for people trying to get over on you! Here are some tips for keeping your business safe:


Moving Scams
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