6 Moving Tips To  Save you Money

    Moving  Tips Professional Movers don’t want you to know! Today I’m going to give you 6 Moving Tips that will help you how to save on your next move.  Most moves are hourly so in order to save on Labor times, you should always be prepared come moving day. Follow these moving tips and you will be sure to save on your next move

1 )  Pack Everything in Moving Boxes – Malaga Nj

 While Moving Company Malaga Nj You don’t want any packing charges, so consider this a very useful tip.   Movers don’t like to move loose items,  they will pack up anything they can find in moving to charge you extra. Box it yourself and avoid these extra packing related charges . For example all your TV remote and wires, lamps, vases and pictures should be pre packed. These are the most common items that our customers seem to forget. Place these loose and fragile items in a clearly labeled moving box. Avoid these extra charge and box it yourself before the  Malaga Moving Company arrive.

2) Staging Moving Boxes – Malaga Nj

  We strongly recommend staging your  boxes in the garage or in one room closest to the main exit of the home you will be vacating. Cut down on man hours, and labor cost involved with moving. Staging Boxes in a area closer to the truck will keep your home free of clutter and help with a more organized moving experience..Always be sure to keep walkways clear so the movers can safely can travel throughout the home. When the movers deliver you can also choose to have all your placed in the room of your choice or to speedup the process the movers will neatly re-stack all the boxes in the garage or front room of your new home

3 ) Be Organized on Moving Day Save Time – Malaga Nj

   Keep walkways fee and clear to make sure the movers can easily access the largest furniture items first.  All areas should be  free of clutter.  The movers should not have to clear stuff away from or around the large items. Any extra handling can increase your labor times and total cost of the move.

4) Labeling Moving Boxes – Malaga Nj

We always recommend clearly labeling all the boxes by room name or color coding each box matched to a specific room.  We have no problem bringing the boxes into your room of choice at the final destination.  However, the most cost effective delivery would be to have all the Boxes and loose items go into the new garage or a single room closest to the entrance of your new home.

5)  Proper Planning Decorating Woes – Malaga Nj

  One of the most overlooked and important aspect of moving is decorating your new home with your old furniture. We recommend you always pre-measure your old furniture for proper fitment in its new location because knowing where you are placing the furniture in the new home prior to the movers arrival will save you time, and ultimately cut down cost.

6)  Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture – Malaga Nj

 Movers  Malaga Njcan spend several hours disassembling and reassembling all the furniture in both homes. when budget is a factor we recommend Disassembling and Reassembling your own Furniture to really cut down on labor costs. Professional Movers are always willing to do this part of the move for there customers that are not up to the challenge. Van With A Man is a full service and will handle every task necessary to complete your move


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