Store Your Belongings at Van with a Man’s Storage Facility!

Finally packed up the house, but there’s not enough room at your new place for all your furniture? Not ready to consign your childhood toys to the waste bin? Bring them to Van with a Man Moving & Storage for safekeeping.

We have the capability to hold up to 100 crates in our Morganville, NJ storage facility, and we can help you move your belongings into storage. We’ll provide storage vaults or lift vans to make storage easier than ever, and with our 24/7 service, it’s never been more convenient.

We’ll handle the heavy lifting. Just bring us as much or as little as you need stored, from a single piece to a whole truckload, and we’ll package it and send it out to our facility.

For all of your commercial and residential storage needs, call 888-Move-Stuff! We’ll take care of it for you.